I’ve only ever had small dogs – what if the husky thought they were toys or worse!? Rebecca and the whole SHWA family were on hand to ease my worries and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now, 1 “failed foster”: my baby girl Rogue, 2 fosters that have found wonderful families and new man of the house, Ice. You become part of a huge community, that are always on hand, no matter how daft the question!

Lucy Webb



I loved the support I got from the SHWA. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to look after a rescued Husky, but they took me through what to expect so I could decide. I’m so pleased to have given a new home to Rocky

Charles Rodmell

Enzo (Emma Catterall) testimonial


I have had a husky before and knew I loved the breed, but wanted to skip the puppy stages, and give an adult dog a new chance in life. The SHWA were great and easy to contact via facebook. They arranged my homecheck which all went well. We saw the dog we thought would make a great pet for our family and spoke to his foster parents on the phone. There was information about him on the website along with all the other dogs and this helped us think about who would suit us as well as whether we would suit them. We now have our beautiful Enzo.

Emma Catterall

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