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SHWA-UK Staff and Coordinators

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Terry Brent

Chair of SHWA-UK

Mick Brent

National Secretary, Acting Treasurer

Karen Johnson

National Head of Rehoming, Area Coordinator for North East and Scotland

Sharon CarMichael

Assistant Area Coordinator North East and Scotland

Craig Martin

SHWA-UK Staff Liason

Alison Cowton/Lillibet Rose

Area Coordinator/Asst Co-ordinator for Yorkshire

Jane Rivers/Craig Martin

Area Co-ordinator/Asst Co-ordinator for Oxfordshire

Natalie Clarke

Area Coordinator East Anglia

Bettina Riesener

Assistant Coordinator East Anglia

Rebecca Martin

Area Coordinator for Wales and South East England

Kerrie Baker

Assistant Coordinator for Wales and South East England

Lisa Marie More

Area Coordinator for South West and Dorset

David MacNaughton

Assistant Coordinator South West and Dorset