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We  provide rescuing, adoption, rehoming, advice, counselling and education so that you can be confident in providing the best quality of life for your Husky.

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Covid19 (Coronavirus) Situation

We have been essentially closed since lockdown was implemented. We have very cautiously reopened since Saturday the 4th of July. The admin team have been working hard behind the scenes, to put together written safety protocols for all aspects that SHWA covers e.g Transport, Home checks, Dog assessments etc. These protocols are to ensure the safety of all our volunteers, whom may now be willing, to cautiously be involved in our work once again.

Please be aware that the team have a huge backlog of applications to work through. Please bear with us, if you have sent an application in over the last 3 months. We are doing our absolute best to work our way through these.
However, one of the side-effects of the Covid19 situation, (probably temporary, unfortunately) is that very few dogs are being relinquished at the moment, so we have few, if any, dogs to rehome, but huge numbers of people offering homes. In view of this situation we feel we should be honest and make it clear that it may be a considerable time before we can offer a dog to the majority of applicants. In the light of this, if applicants do not wish to wait an indeterminate time for a dog, we do understand, but please let us know if you no longer wish your homecheck/adoption application to go forward.

Stay safe

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How SHWA can help you:

  • Effective Husky Rescue and Husky Rehoming as well as other Sled Dog Rescue and Sled Dog Rehoming. Both dogs and adopters are carefully assessed to ensure that the right “match” is achieved. Dogs are, wherever possible, neutered before rehoming to remove the possibility of them being bred and adding to the crisis
  • Advice and counselling for husky owners having problems with their dogs, so that they can be helped to keep their dogs rather than giving them up for adoption
  • An ongoing education campaign designed to discourage the public from buying from irresponsible and unethical breeders
  • A pro-Neutering Programme where we help owners with the cost of neutering their dogs (as funds allow). Anything with reduces the numbers of puppies bred has to be a positive step!

“Please adopt me!”

“It’ll be a lot of hard work, there will be hair everywhere and I’ll probably do things you don’t like, but if you are the right family for me, I’ll make it worth your while, with lots of cuddles and fun, until you fall in love with me!”

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