Adopting a SHWA Husky – Step by Step

  1. Adoption Application Form
  2. Home Check
  3. Added to Rehome Register
  4. Matched with Dog
  5. Adoption Fee

If you are interested in giving a permanent loving home to an unwanted Husky through SHWA-UK, you should first complete an Adoption Application Form (look in the Adoption menu) and email it to us as an attachment to

You will then be contacted by our local SHWA-UK Co-ordinator who will arrange to visit you and ensure that your home and garden is suitable (and suitably secure) for a Siberian Husky – they can be serious escape artists. As a result of the home-check, suggestions may be made to improve the security of the home / garden if necessary. A reference will also be sought from your vet.

If your home check is successfully passed and the vet reference is good, then you will be placed on our Rehome Register and will be considered as each dog becomes available for rehoming. We will make every effort to match dogs to people and to ensure that the dogs find the best possible permanent loving home that they deserve.

All dogs rehomed by SHWA-UK will be vet-checked, vaccinated and (except in very rare circumstances where the dog is too old, too young or too ill) neutered before rehoming. Where circumstance mean that it is not possible to neuter the dog / bitch before rehoming, the adopter will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to neuter the dog / bitch within a given period.

An adoption fee of £200 is recommended for each adult dog. In special circumstances, this may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the local co-ordinator, subject to the agreement of the National Rehome Co-ordinator. In the case of puppies (under the age of 12 months), the recommended adoption fee will be £250.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to increase our fees due to the near 100% increase in vet fees we have experienced over the past five years. In 2008 we could get a male neutered for well under £100 and a female for approx £120. Today it is rare for us to be charged less than £200 for either.

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