Star & Midnight

Very special foster home needed ❤️

Star and Midnight are 2 of 12 dogs rescued by the RSPCA who were taken to an amazing kennels to start their rescue journey.

Whilst some of the 12 have now been adopted Star and Midnight are still waiting and kennel life just isn’t for them.

They urgently need a foster home, without other dogs or little people that will enable them to stay together and learn the world can be a good place with nice people.

They are both quite shut down in kennels but have already shown just how much love they have to give with trusted kennel staff.

They just need time, patience, love oh and belly rubs ❤️

Midnight is the more nervous of the pair and will only eat when Star is with her, hence they need to stay together.

As they have never experienced a home environment, toilet training and lead walking will need to taught but as their confidence and sense of security grows we are sure this will come.

Both girls and vaccinated flea and worm treated, and believed to be approx 18 months old.

If you feel you can offer this lovely pair a foster home or even a foster with a view to adopt home, please come forward.

SHWA can help with food and essential costs and cover all vet bills.

If anyone is in a position to make a donation to help Star and Midnight who will need to be spayed in due course, please use the link below.

Many thanks 🙏

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