Beautiful Skye is now looking for an experienced forever home.

Skye is 4 years old and loves hoomans and other dogs of similar size. She walks well on the lead and responds to wait and sit to stop for traffic. Shows no destructive behaviour in the foster home, however does not like when doors are closed, she is respecting stair gates though.
Known high prey drive, so no home with small furries, including small dogs. Skye loves all hoomans, big and small. Children over 5, able to respect boundaries. Currently fed fish based, grain free dry food.
Skye initially showed traits of resource guarding (food, water, toys and bed) when she arrived in her foster home. This has significantly reduced with settling into the current pack, however the adopter of beautiful Skye will need to be aware that this may resurface initially and support her to find her place in a new environment as well as setting firm boundaries. Skye loves to play as much as she likes cuddles. She loves hooman company and is looking for a home where someone is in for the majority of the day. In the company of other dogs Skye can be left for up to 4 hours in the home.

Skye is spayed, microchipped and currently in foster in Essex. Transport can be arranged. As always, a home check, adoption contract and adoption fee applies.