Meet the big loveable Shaolin aka Shay. This gorgeous 7 year piebald boy is now available for adoption.

Shay is currently in foster with a female husky whom he does appear to enjoy her company, although he does like to take his chances and pinch her food! Shay is a bit of a hit and miss with male dogs and is picky on who he decides can be his friend, so for this reason we feel that he would be suited to a home with a similar size female canine companion or as an only dog providing he has someone at home with him such as a part time worker ect. Shay loves people, he enjoys their company, loves to be groomed and loves a bit of their food if given half the chance! A bin raider and potential counter surfer is a few of his tricks. Although Shay will make a fantastic addition to a family we are advising children over the age of 10 years as this large lad doesn’t always realise his large pony size.

Shay enjoys his walks and will initially pull, so is currently walked on a head collar, he will sit on command and wait patiently to cross a road. He does like to do zoomies in the garden but will tire quickly. Typical sled dog Shay does have high prey drive and although he will give good chase to visiting furry critters in the garden he doesn’t quite have the speed and grace of a Gazelle, so cats and squirrels do provide him with frustrated entertainment.

As already mentioned he does love his food and will opportunistically try to help himself. Treats are always appreciated by him and he will have no trouble letting you know if he thinks that he is being short changed! As with any household we recommend a quiet and unobtrusive place for Shay to eat his food.

Shay isn’t particularly toy driven, but will chase a ball and kill a squeaky toy. He is fully house trained and will bark to go out, he hasn’t been destructive in his foster home and likes to sleep zonked out on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Shay is a gentle giant and will make a fantastic funny addition to the right home. If you are interested in this boy a home check and adoption donation of £200 does apply. He is fully vaccinated, chipped and castrated. He is currently in foster in the South of England.


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July 22, 2020