SHADOW is now reserved!

Introducing the very handsome Shadow. Shadow will be 7 years old in january. He is neutered.
Shadow is a lovely lad, who enjoys attention and tummy rubs on your lap, though isn’t over comfortable with direct cuddles. At 7 years old, he is still a teenager and does get excited on meeting people and a little boisterous, so we feel a home with older children would be best as his jumping up could knock a smaller child over, though he has been very gentle with the younger humans in his foster home. Shadow is in foster with another husky, whom he gets on well with and loves a bit of rough and tumble husky play!. He shows no concern on meeting other dogs while out and about. He is somewhat precious of his food bowl and is fed separately from his foster fur-sister. His manners on taking treats gently, are work in progress. Shadow is showing a high prey drive, so a home without small furries would be preferred. Shadow can be anxious of new noises and sudden movements. Now…..😁😁Shadow does like to help with the gardening(not always invited 🙈) and with that Woolly coat, well, you can imagine! However, he is a very loving dog and will nudge you for affection if he feels he is missing out. Shadow would like a home where he is not left for hugely extended periods of time, 2-3 hours. Shadow is a really lovely boy and he will love a family home to call his own. Shadow will be available to adopt after the SHWA Christmas break, in January. He is in foster in the West of Scotland area. To be considered to adopt Shadow in January, you will need to submit an adoption application and be home checked. £200 adoption fee will apply.


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December 10, 2019