5 yrs old
Intact female so can not be homed with intact males
Here is what the foster carers have to say about Scarlett:
“Scarlett is a gorgeous blue eyed friendly girl currently in foster and now looking for her forever home. She is well trained and perfect around the house in every way (never expected to say that about a husky).
Scarlett walks very well on a lead and daily meets numerous dogs of all shapes and sizes at the beach, both on and off lead. She was an only dog in her previous home and is not confident with other dogs and unhappy if they sniff her rear, although she feels it’s ok to do it to them!
Even though Scarlett is only 5 years old when the vets checked her teeth they found she had severe gum recession and consequently needed a number of teeth taken out. She has recovered well from these extractions and will have 2 more taken out shortly. While under anaesthetic she had a mammary and a skin lump removed, both of these were benign. Not an easy start to her time in foster but she has been the perfect patient. She is letting her foster Dad clean her teeth, this will need to continue in her new home to prevent plaque building up again and to preserve her teeth. Poultry flavour toothpaste …. yummy.
Scarlett really enjoys the garden and spends a great deal of time on squirrel patrol, luckily so far they have always seen this black and white fur ball charging towards them and escaped. Amazingly she responds to her name and always comes in when called!
Scarlett absolutely loves her walks, she has a little song for most occasions there is a ‘get a wriggle on’ song if you are taking too long to get ready. There are others for, treats, dinner, tummy tickle, going out, coming in and she has a very special karaoke song. She is also keen to go on car journeys, just jumps in and settles.
Scarlett likes company and is very friendly to visitors, she also enjoys quiet time too and will take herself off to her bed for a snooze or into the garden. She sleeps through the night without a peep from 11:00pm to 7:00am.
Are you this special person who likes fun walks, chasing squirrels, cleaning teeth, giving tummy tickles, has lots of love to give and enjoys a husky sing along?”

Scarlett will need to be adopted on a neutering contract as last season was January.
Adoption fee and homecheck does apply


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February 19, 2020