Meet shy boy Moose will turn 2 in November.
Moose is one of the Smarden 18. This handsome boy has come a very long way. There is still more work to do with this young boy. He is learning about the huge scary world outdoors with more confidence everyday.
Currently living with a few more confident dogs who have been guided and teaching Moose what life is now like to be living with humans. As his life before SHWA was a very different one where he had not experienced being in a house or being around people. He really enjoys the company of the other dogs but is still learning to trust humans.
Moose will walk very well on his lead without pulling. Some things out of the ordinary may make him nervous on his walks. However he is learning to follow and copy the other dogs and overcoming fears every day. There have been no signs of food aggression.
He is trusting humans more and more everyday. He can be nervous of unusual or loud noises he will seek his create to feel secure and safe.
He can be left for 3 hours, he has separation anxiety so if left longer he will howl and have accidents.
Moose is now Loving fuss from being brushed once he settles down, has been known more recently to nudge for attention from the humans. But also can Be chatty when he’s unsure or when feeling frustrated.
Loving to watch and be around other dogs is a huge must for Moose. He is learning so much from the other dogs he is in foster with. Being very playful. Really enjoys playing with toys balls are his favourite.
Taking treats more from the humans as the trust is building however he can occasionally get excited and nip if your not careful. Loves children but would only recommend older children.
This boys is very special and has come a very long way he still nervous but overcoming so much all the time. He needs a very special forever home who will be patient and be able to dedicate the time in building bonds and trust.
Moose is currently fostered in Preston and is     fully vaccinated chipped and neutered. Homecheck, and adoption fees apply.


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September 30, 2019