Introducing this handsome ‘senior’ chap, by the distinguished name of Leon. Leon is thought to be around 11years old. Of recent years, Leon and the other dogs he lived with, were living in poor conditions. He was extremely underweight and had significant muscle wastage. He also had several broken teeth and poor gum health. Leon’s fur was badly contaminated with urine. He has had several groomer trips, but his fur is stained we believe.
However, with much TLC and vet visits, Leon has a new spring to his step. He does still have a slight weakness in his hind legs, but this does not hinder him at all. He loves walks, especially by the sea.
As an older chap, he does like his own space but equally he is very much a people boy. He loves being petted and follows his fosters humans, with in the house.
Understandably, Leon is food orientated and will pinch food if opportunity is there. He can snatch treats, being a foodie, but does ‘gentle’ when remind of manners.
Leon is in foster with another dog, who is much younger than him. If he were to be homed to a home with another dog, an equivalent age or a very calm dog, is preffered. Leon, is not keen on excessive noise, loving the quiet life, deserving of his older years. He does love home comforts and given his history, this is well deserved.
Leon is a lovely boy, who deserves to live his life in comfort and with love. We would recommend a home where humans are around often and teenagers only, who can be respectful of his love of the quieter life. Leon, as above, could live with another dog. Equally, he would be suited as an only dog, providing he gets plenty of attention
Leon is currently in foster in the West of Scotland.
Can you offer this gentleman, the best of the rest of his life? If so an adoption application and passed home check is required. Whilst in foster, Leon has had much veterinary treatment to address years of neglect, he has been vaccinated and neutered. An adoption fee of £300 is requested 😊

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